Social Responsibility

Mektec's products have significant influence on technical progress and associated social developments: even though our products perform in the hidden, they help to connect people across borders or bring us closer to the dream of emission-free mobility - just to name a few. But we don't leave it at that: our organizational behavior is in harmony with society, our employees, market players and the environment.

Protecting the Environment

All European locations have implemented a comprehensive environmental management system and are certified according to ISO 14001.

We set ourselves the goal of reducing production process-related water consumption at our German locations in Berlin and Erkelenz by at least 3%. The reduction of disposal quantities by 3% at each European production site is also an elementary component of environmental protection.

We also strive to

  • reduce the average CO2 emissions of our company car fleet to 120g/km
  • minimize use of environmentally harmful substances or entirely process without them
  • suppliers who have also implemented a certified environmental management system

Global Responsibility

Not only our products bear a great responsibility for society, but also our entrepreneurial activities. We are committed to align our entrepreneurial activities so that we positively contribute to the global community of all people, economics and the environment in which we live.

Mektec Europe is part of the NOK Corporation, Japan. Please refer to NOK's website to gain an overview on our global comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

Sustainable Energy Management

We strive to reduce our electrical energy consumption by 2% per manufactured square meter of Flexible Printed Circuit boards in Europe in 2022. To achieve this, we focus on our production locations which play a major role: so far, we implemented a location-based energy cost calculation for the top 10 energy consumers (e.g. machinery, supply units, etc.) and realize power savings. Additionally, numerous smaller projects support our target to save energy.

We monitor energy flows at our locations using an energy management system which is certified according to ISO 50001.

Mektec: A Safe Place To Work

All locations in Europe have implemented measures to prevent occupational accidents. With our special focus on near misses, we make a valuable contribution to accident prevention - even before an occupational accident may happen.

Regular health-related campaigns such as free nutrition advice or medical check-ups complement the health protection of our employees. We reduce contact with harmful substances wherever possible.

All our locations follow the respective local statutory laws and guidelines on occupational safety. Therefore, regular certification of all European locations according to ISO 45001 is a matter of course.

Honesty. Respect. Trust.

We act according to a comprehensive Code of Corporate Conduct. This collection of rules defines and guides our entrepreneurial activities and behavior towards our employees, customers, suppliers and competitors in context of legal regulations and universal human rights.

Along with our commitment to environmental protection, occupational and product safety we oblige ourselves to:

  • respect human rights, take actions against all forms of discrimination and protect our employees from sexual harassment
  • support anti-corruption measures, strictly comply with antitrust regulations and an appreciative and fair competition with market players
  • respect intellectual property and protect own and third partys' confidential information
  • support employees' freedom of association and to not employ children or forced laborer

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