Career Progression

We at Mektec want to be a long-term partner and employer for our employees. Our high level of employee loyalty and low turnover numbers demonstrate our high rate of success in this.

To support you with your career plans, to guarantee your qualifications even with changing and increasing demands, and to maintain your motivation, we rely on these measures:


Comprehensive training is particularly important to us. We place great emphasis on interdepartmental onboarding to promote contact with colleagues, adjacent departments, and key positions. Of course, you also get extensive specialized training, including learning about the product and our production methods as well as introducing individual working areas.

To experience the most optimized onboarding process possible, we develop an individual onboarding plan for each new employee. Since this still may not answer all your questions in your new environment, all your colleagues are certainly ready to help during this exciting onboarding process - your own mentor in particular.

Performance Review

At least once a year, a direct and personal conversation between managers and employees on performance, goals, career aspirations and opportunities takes place.

Continuing Education

Depending on personal skill needs, we offer internal and external training for professional and personal development.

Types of Careers

Despite being a mid-sized business, we are proud to also offer internal career options. We happily and actively support expanding your horizons through changing departments or assuming leadership responsibilities.

Training and Career Development

To promote young talent, we regularly train apprentices and dual-system students (in cooperation with the Cooperative State University Mannheim) as well as graduates in trainee programs. We distinguish ourselves here not by the number of trainees, but by the long-term orientation thereof—with the goal of later incorporating them in qualified, skilled functions.