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Mektec Europe is part of the worldwide Mektec Group with its headquarters in Japan. Mektec Group has several production sites in Asia and Europe as well as sales representations all over the world. This makes us the one and only real global player for Flexible Printed Circuit boards.

That's Mektec

World’s first mass manufacturer of Flexible Printed Circuit boards, decades of experience, pioneer of today’s standards, market shaper, industrialization specialist and global player.

We are passionate and enthusiastic, do not rest on our laurels, add value, start with „design-and-spec“ not just with „build-to-print“ and solve challenges resulting in complete new applications and devices.   

Weinheim, Germany

Mektec's European headquarter is located in Weinheim. As an administrative location it supports the European production sites. The technical sales department based in Weinheim works closely with the global Mektec production and development locations to supply the European market with our products.

Berlin, Germany

The Berlin plant has decades of experience in the production of large-area Flexible Printed Circuit boards using the cost-effective roll-to-roll process. Automotive expertise is a matter of course in Berlin: the majority of product developments for the automotive industry takes place here. In-house prototyping and an extensively equipped quality laboratory provide support in all phases of product development and series production.

Pécel, Hungary

Back in 2019, we built a completely new factory at the existing production site in Pécel. The plant focuses on the production of Mechatronic Modules based on our FPC boards. In Pécel, we therefore have a very wide range of automotive connection and assembly technologies. Pécel is the largest factory in Europe and receives Flexible Printed Circuits from Mektec locations all over the world.

Budweis, Czech Republic

Founded in 1997, Budweis was our first back-end location in Europe. This factory produces some of our base materials as well as a large number of fully featured assemblies. Flexible Printed Circuit boards from German location get their finish in Budweis. Globally standardized production processes guaranty flexibility and perfect quality for globally acting customers.

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