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Mektec products comprise more than 60 years of experience, extensive material expertise, and innovation. Since we have been the first industrialized Flexible Printed Circuit manufacturer, buying a Mektec product means also buying a true original.


For decades, Mektec has set the technological standards for many applications: Back in the 1990s, we successfully introduced Flexible Printed Circuit technology to the emerging cellphone market. Today, there is virtually no smart mobile device which is not equipped with this technology.

We continue to enable game-changing technology: Mektec’s modules for automotive lithium-ion batteries enable a smart, reliable, and cost-efficient way to interconnect and to monitor battery cells. We make electromobility safer and more affordable – our latest breakthrough.

Our History

In November 1969, our mother company Nippon Mektron Ltd. started the production of Flexible Printed Circuit boards (FPC) in a small village of the Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan. Nippon Mektron has expanded its business built on a management of respect, based on NOK Group’s corporate philosophy of “Compassion and Trust”: Nippon Mektron has grown to become the major FPC manufacturer worldwide. Already back in 1982, our European journey has started in the city of our today's European headquarter Weinheim, Germany.

The integration of the FPC mechatronic specialist "enmech" back in 2016 strengthened our position as the world`s leading Flexible Printed Circuit and module manufacturer mainly in the automotive supply industry.

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