Switches, buttons and touch elements have a significant effect on user experience. Mektec products help to make human-machine interaction faster, more intuitive and just contemporary. 

Tap, Swipe & Stretch

Ultra-thin design, a flexible but robust structure that accurately follows every contour and less electrical interfaces make our technology perfectly suitable for the latest touch controllers. Multiple layers of copper and distances down to 30μm between two traces provide even more sensor area in smallest spaces.

Translucent FPC

Mektec’s translucent FPC builds are the smartest way to enable back-illuminated capacitive touch sensors:

  • finest copper structures of 40µm width guarantee maximum light transparency and design freedom
  • special copper treatment prevents color shift of light caused by refractions
  • compared to competitive additive technologies you benefit from our reliable and cost-efficient processes based on subtractive technology

Mechatronic Modules

Flexible Printed Circuits are a smart choice to be used in automotive steering column switches. The ultra-thin and flexible but solid substrate cuts it‘s way through the complex plastic structure of pins, strips and holes. Attached plastic carriers add stability and ease your assembly process. Hard gold surface enables wiper contacts. Integrated SMD components add functionality, light position detection or illumination.

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