Mektec provides a clear view – both for car passengers and for advanced driver assistance systems. Our film heaters reliably defrost wiper blades, camera field of views, radar systems and side mirrors. Mektec's heater connectors feature prominently in heated windscreens.

Defined Heating Performance

Due to the thin and bendable structure of Mektec’s Flexible Printed Circuit technology we are able to warm up defined surfaces and elements. Our wiper blade heaters are a very good example: this product follows the wiper rubber exactly and as close as possible. Though our solution needs almost no installation space you still benefit from soldered temperature sensors for thermal control. Conformal coating reliably protects the temperature sensor and the electrical interface from fluids, salty mist and mechanical stress.

Deicing Radar

Ice and moisture film impair the reliable function of radar-based driver assistance systems. Our thin and flexible film heater seamlessly fits in between the radar beam emitting unit and free-formed decorative grill elements. The etched copper structure enables a persistent and well-defined heating performance.

Deep-drawing of the Flexible Printed Circuit film follows every contour of the attached plastic parts and therefore eliminates smallest air gaps.

Our riveting technology provides a long-lasting proven automotive-compliant electrical interface.

Round To Flat

Heated windscreens in cars offer great comfort and add safety during the cold season. Mektec provides an essential component for this feature: the (heater) window connector.

The window connector is the interface between the vehicle’s on-board power supply and the heating structure inside the glass. The extensively sealed connectors withstand cleaning liquids and (salty) splash water. Preassembled adhesive stripes and integrated solder depots ease the assembly.

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