A perfect way to see and to be seen: our lighting electronics for automotive exterior lighting. We provide wider and brighter illumination for roads, make modern pixel lights more precise and give vehicles a sleek look.

Good Bye, Jumper Cables

Creating functional and contemporary vehicle lighting requires interaction between 3D mechanical designs, light guides and lenses.
Mektec’s technology is a smart way to meet these requirements: Our Flexible Printed Circuit boards follow your 3D designs while reducing electrical interconnections. The boards require almost no space and come with directly integrated LEDs and other components.

Positional Accuracy

It’s simple mathematics: even smallest misalignments of LEDs on Flexible Printed Circuit boards cause imprecise illumination of the road ahead. This would have a negative impact on the adaptive driving beams.

Mektec offers adhesive technologies to prevent shifting of surface mounted LEDs while reflow soldering. Further more, we measure the exact position of the LEDs' dies after soldering and drill the holes for assembly with a tolerance of down to +/- 50 μm afterwards. Therewith, we provide a most accurate position of LEDs to reflectors or light guides.

Stop Heat Flashes

Mektec‘s special material setups brake thermal barriers. Now you can pack even more high-power LEDs or extensive LED arrays on smaller areas and still benefit from all the Flexible Printed Circuit features. Just perfect for next-gen pixel lights and full LED headlights.

Beautiful Rear

Not only headlights but also rear lights contribute to a brand-specific look of cars. For this, Mektec offers the right space-saving and flexible technology. Flexible Printed Circuit boards populated with LEDs and control components reduce error-prone interfaces and production complexity. Mektec’s customized modules consisting of Flexible Printed Circuit boards and plastic carriers significantly reduce your manufacturing effort - according to your needs.    

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