Mektec shifts gears in millions of automatic gearboxes. Our products interconnect valves, sensors and electronic control units in a very rough installation space.   

Working Perfectly In Harsh Environments

Maximum temperatures of 150° Celsius, vibrations and exposition to gear oil stress the electronics inside automatic gearboxes. Mektec’s Flexible Printed Circuit technology masters them all. Along with many features we offer a smart and reliable technology to connect sensors, valves and control units inside automatic gearboxes – we even offer a direct integration of these components. This improves quality by downscaling electrical and mechanical interfaces and reducing overall complexity.  

Mechatronic Assemblies

We equip our Flexible Printed Circuit boards with metal and plastic carriers which provide extra protection and make final assembly comfortable and safe.

Surface Finishing

ENIG and Galvanic Nickel Gold surface finishing prime the Flexible Printed Circuit boards to be conjoined by aluminum or gold wire bonding ...

Integrated Components

… or benefit from our soldering expertise and directly integrated SMD and THT components.


Mektec materials withstand rough fluids such as motor and gear oil, battery acid, coolant, etc. In case of fire our UL certified self-extinguishing laminates provide safety.    

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