Our antennas based on Flexible Printed Circuit technology are the modern answer for today's challenges with regard to connected vehicles architecture and in-car-infotainment. They also enable vehicle design without any disturbing visible antennas.

Performance Everywhere

Mektec helps you to easily integrate antennas into optimal but small and unusual installation spaces. The Flexible Printed Circuit 3D design assures the antenna structures to be exactly in the position your design requires - and our persistent materials combined with high-grade adhesive systems guarantee this throughout the entire antenna's life.

Mektec’s copper etching technology allows finest electrical layouts that boost transmission performance which is a key driver especially in case of high-frequency services.

May We Introduce: Our Interconnection Technologies

Benefit from our core competence of combining Flexible Printed Circuit boards with a wide selection of famous plug-in systems. Antennas for low- or high-frequency applications or antennas operating in moisture loaded installation spaces – we have a suitable and proven automotive electrical interconnection system available.


Mektec‘s unique technology enables Flexible Printed Circuit boards of more than one meter length – plenty of space for many services like radio, telephony or V2X communication on just a single antenna unit. You benefit from less processing time and an enormously reduced error rate during final assembly.

To make installation as easy as possible, we optionally equip our antenna modules with a variety of high-quality adhesive systems, fasteners and protective tapes.

Antenna Modules

Every antenna module comprises our experience in designing and manufacturing mechatronic assemblies:

  • directly integrated electronic components safe space and reduce error-prone interfaces
  • conformal coating and hot molding protect electrical components against humidity and mechanical strain; integrated grommets seal installation spaces
  • plastic housings improve handling and add protection to sensitive areas

The Easy Way: Gluing

Our flexible film antennas easily fit into the smallest installation spaces. Thanks to various adhesive systems that have proven their automotive suitability, our antennas can be easily integrated into vehicle design - without any complex fixtures needed. While single small adhesive strips are often used for pre-assembly or alignment of the film antenna, the antenna can be attached to structural components by applying bubble-free adhesive on the entire surface - to last for a car’s lifetime.

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