Mektec improves the safety of electromobility and helps to increase battery lifetime: our modules interconnect battery cells, enable cell balancing and monitoring of critical parameters. Additionally, the Flexible Printed Circuit design fits perfectly to automatic assembly processes - for automotive, e-bike and industrial applications.

Powerful Features

Mektec battery interconnection devices offer solutions for many challenges which occure in modern battery pack design. Our technology's ultra-flat build-up requires almost no installation space, its weight is negligible and the flexible structure easily compensates battery cell movement. Integrated fuses protect against shorts, sensors allow temperature monitoring close to the battery cells, and ICs integrate functionality.

Our devices even show their strengths during battery pack assembly: the customized electric layout prevents misaligned interconnections between the cells and the battery control unit which may easily happen by using ordinary round cable links. 

Technologies For Every Battery Cell Type

Varying material combinations and different cell designs characterize high-voltage cell interfaces. Mektec interconnection technologies, welding and riveting, offer a reliable and proven solution for every design. Please have a look:

Ultrasonic Welding

Ideal for material combinations of copper, aluminum or mixed alloys: ultrasonic welding of Flexible Printed Circuits to busbars.

Laser Welding

Highest throughput and safety for soldered components close to the interconnection spot: laser welding.


Riveting of copper-to-copper interconnections has a successful track record at Mektec. Computers monitor every riveting process and guarantee proper mechanical and electrical characteristics. Conformal coating protects the rivet against humidity.

Direct Access

Usually, Flexible Printed Circuit board design allows access to copper from only one side. Mektec’s double sided access combined with nickel-plated copper enables direct welding to cell taps.

Long Range: Long FPC

A huge range normally goes along with huge battery packs leading to increasing complexity during the final assembly. Mektec technology reduces this complexity and associated costs enormously.

Our customized devices of more than one meter length offer a cost-efficient and safe way to realize cell interconnection and monitoring. The devices simultaneously link dozens of cells in just one production step – minimizing the number of error-prone electrical interfaces.


It is easy to link Mektec’s battery interconnection devices to the battery management units. A broad selection of automotive and general industry grade connectors enable compatibility and make assembly comfortable and safe. You can design your system with known and trusted connectors and still benefit from Flexible Printed Circuit technology.  

Crimp Connectors

Our core competence: we offer a broad range of crimp connectors based on the most established crimp designs. Millions of crimp contacts applied every year with "0ppm" testify our expertise.      

THT Connectors

The mechanical reinforcement of THT connectors withstands high engaging forces during the final assembly. We automatically solder these connectors by selective wave soldering.

SMD Connectors

SMD connectors are the most space-saving solution. They allow ultra-flat design of the battery interconnection devices. Mektec’s 3D solder paste inspection and AOI ensure durable high-quality joints.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!

Not only electrified 4-wheelers benefit from our FPC technology. E-bike batteries with Mektec interconnection devices inside are smaller, lighter and safer than others – for urban mobility, touring or mountainbiking.   

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